Welcome to PaperFields Press

Hello Everyone!

Two good friends of mine have opened the doors to their own Publishing House, and you’re invited to follow along on the adventure! Keep an eye on this wonderful new Press for news on upcoming new titles and submission guidelines. Just click on the PaperFields Press image below! You’ll thank me later folks. 😉


Let’s Go Do Blog Hop!

Good morning, Everyone!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Joe, it’s a Monday! Why are you posting on a Monday?’

Surprise, it’s a blog hop! I was honored by the invitation to join in on the exponential fun by Rati Mehrotra, a Science Fiction & Fantasy Author and all around awesome woman. If you don’t follow her blog, I highly recommend jumping over to her site and checking it out. Continue reading

Change In The Wind Says I

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve only got a short post for you today. I’m restructuring my blog schedule due to the nature of a few projects I’ve got going on. At this point, many of you know I’m closing in on the end of a draft for my next book The Hunting Sticks. I’m also getting ready to write a story for Arcane Synthesis, an anthology of short stories set in the Cosmothea Universe; which by the way has a fast closing window for its Kickstarter. Stop on by and check it out HERE. Continue reading

A Taste Of Things To Come

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve got a special treat today. I’ve been hammering away on my next book, The Hunting Sticks, for this whole month so far. This draft feels like it’s coming along really great! I had originally aimed for about 60k words but I blew right by that and readjusted for about 80k words. Also, I remembered to update my word count progress bars over there on the right sidebar! Continue reading

“I bet if we bashed your head in, all sorts of secrets would come tumbling out…”

I know, it’s a great line from the movie Hot Fuzz (totally fun/ awesome movie by-the-way). But I assure you, there won’t be any actual heads getting bashed in here today, purely metaphorical.

How is everyone today? I hope the New Year is treating you well so far. It’s been mighty fine for me, thanks for asking. 😉 Now, you may be curious why I chose such an interesting and graphic line for the title of the post? Well, I thought it might be fun to explore the bits and pieces inside my head! Continue reading