Welcome to PaperFields Press

Hello Everyone!

Two good friends of mine have opened the doors to their own Publishing House, and you’re invited to follow along on the adventure! Keep an eye on this wonderful new Press for news on upcoming new titles and submission guidelines. Just click on the PaperFields Press image below! You’ll thank me later folks. 😉


Mothers, Short Stories, and Poetry

Good morning everyone!

I’d like to introduce you to my Mother. She’s pretty awesome, but my opinion is biased after all, because she’s my Mom. Her blog is just starting out and from here it looks like a wild adventure about life, music, food, comedy, tragedy- Life! It should be a fun time. I invite you check out her ramble, at Eclectic Stirling. Be nice, or I will hunt you down and unleash the fury of sweaty mice with bad cheese. *big smiles*

So on Tuesday we finished up with Alan/ Arlo Croste’s second mystery (and I promise there is another in the works right now). For those enjoying the western/ sci-fi/ post-apocalypse of Westocalypse, there’ll be another adventure soon. If you missed them, or just want to re-visit, you can find them on the Short Fiction page along with a few other tales. Continue reading

All Friday, No Flash :(

Hi everybody!

This week, sadly there is no Flash Fiction story.  Not that we didn’t have a challenge…  Our challenge was to write the last line of a story.  Next week Chuck Wendig will pick his top five and issue a new challenge.  I assume that means we’ll be getting one of five sentences that must be the last line of what we write?

At any rate, Camp NaNoWriMo is going swimmingly!  I’ve nearly busted through the 10k word mark.  Current count is up to 9,882. Continue reading