Oooo, Barracuda!

Good morning, Everyone!

I hope the beginning of your week is going good. Today we’ve come to the end of this particular tale. That’s right, this is the end of Old Tom Cotton’s Boy. But worry not, this is most certainly not the end of Barracuda Slim, his story is just beginning… Continue reading


Old Tom Cotton’s Boy (continued)

Good morning, Everyone!

I hope this week has been kind to all of you so far. Can you believe it’s already February? Amazing! Time is just flying right along, but that’s okay.

As promised, today we continue with the latest adventure of Barracuda Slim, that lovably odd hobo. If you missed the beginning of this here tellin’, you can catch up HERE. Continue reading

Barracuda Slim Rides Again!

Good afternoon, Everyone!

So for those following along, you might remember a certain Hobo that turned up a few flash fiction’s from last year. For those who haven’t yet met him, you can check out PASSENGER and DEVIL AND TRAIN if you’ve got the time. Well, Barracuda Slim still has some story to tell, so without further delay… Continue reading

“Random Title Generator” Flash Challenge!

Something smells like Friday!

And that means that author Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds has a new Flash Fiction Challenge! This week it’s the “Random Title Generator” Challenge. A Random list of 5 (five) Titles gets spit out by the random generator thingy and we get to pick just one for our 1000 word flash.

I had originally thought to go with another title, but I couldn’t see myself keeping within the word count. That first title implied something far too big… Continue reading

Flash Fiction…..Sunday!

Flash Fiction Friday- Four Random Items. Okay, I realize it’s Sunday and I’m a touch late. I was camping for part of the weekend and spent my time fishing instead of writing. But I didn’t forget about it, so here’s my contribution at 997 words.

My 4 Random Items:  an unopened envelope, a dead man’s guitar, a road sign, and an animal skull. Continue reading