Oooo, Barracuda!

Good morning, Everyone!

I hope the beginning of your week is going good. Today we’ve come to the end of this particular tale. That’s right, this is the end of Old Tom Cotton’s Boy. But worry not, this is most certainly not the end of Barracuda Slim, his story is just beginning… Continue reading


A Taste Of Things To Come

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve got a special treat today. I’ve been hammering away on my next book, The Hunting Sticks, for this whole month so far. This draft feels like it’s coming along really great! I had originally aimed for about 60k words but I blew right by that and readjusted for about 80k words. Also, I remembered to update my word count progress bars over there on the right sidebar! Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge, May 17

Happy Friday everyone.

And being Friday it’s time for another fun trip through Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge! This week’s challenge is to write a 1000 word short with one of five randomly generated character concepts. I found myself laughing as I read the first one: a carefree mother is captured and enslaved by an army of orcs. That’s the ticket for me. This time around I thought I’d take a light-hearted and comical approach to the story.

Every Friday there is a new challenge and a fresh page waiting for your 1000 words. Write on!

*     *     *     *     *

Orc! -Or My Mom Will Shoot

Penelope sat quietly in the dark. Outside her small room she could hear grunting and thick guttural voices. They were awake now and would be coming for her soon, as they did every morning. She had been taken prisoner almost a year before, enslaved by the vile Orc War band known as Spear Tusks. No one had come for her, no one would. The village had burned and she was likely thought dead, her body lost in the pile of the other hacked up humans.

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