Change In The Wind Says I

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve only got a short post for you today. I’m restructuring my blog schedule due to the nature of a few projects I’ve got going on. At this point, many of you know I’m closing in on the end of a draft for my next book The Hunting Sticks. I’m also getting ready to write a story for Arcane Synthesis, an anthology of short stories set in the Cosmothea Universe; which by the way has a fast closing window for its Kickstarter. Stop on by and check it out HERE. Continue reading


Mrs. Seelie

This is a work of sheer beauty. A must read. Visit ‘Color me in Cyanide and Cherry,’ you won’t regret it. 🙂

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


*Image found HERE

*Written originaly on Serbian

Mrs. Seelie

I have no sovereign
nor saint,
no prayer or a pitcher.
Before love
my bones are brittle,
my soul fades under the streetlight,
forgive me –
before you
of angles and flesh
I lay this ribcage accordion!
Play! Sing!
Speak to me!
Or the night will pull out your tongue
and plant it between my knees
for poppies to grow;
to court me.

I am a recitation of ash;
my eyes were once a train station
that stretched and curved
until it disappeared in the ocean.
The mermaids sold their harps,
I have no sisters
or relatives;
no queens or mistresses.
Resolve me like a silhouette into your breath,
the Moon taps the stars
as if they were drums;
your kind calls it

Do not ask of me
furs and stalagmites
nor mismatched wings;
not even a name I have!

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Barracuda Slim Rides Again!

Good afternoon, Everyone!

So for those following along, you might remember a certain Hobo that turned up a few flash fiction’s from last year. For those who haven’t yet met him, you can check out PASSENGER and DEVIL AND TRAIN if you’ve got the time. Well, Barracuda Slim still has some story to tell, so without further delay… Continue reading

A Taste Of Things To Come

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve got a special treat today. I’ve been hammering away on my next book, The Hunting Sticks, for this whole month so far. This draft feels like it’s coming along really great! I had originally aimed for about 60k words but I blew right by that and readjusted for about 80k words. Also, I remembered to update my word count progress bars over there on the right sidebar! Continue reading

“The Who, the Where, the Uh-Oh” Flash Challenge

Hello Everyone!

This week’s flash challenge from Chuck Wending is The Who, the When, the Uh-Oh. In his generosity he has given us 2000 words to play with instead of the normal 1000. The Random Number Gods granted me the following:

Who: A Dirty Cop

Where: A Far-Flung Space Station

The Uh-Oh: Left For Dead, Seeking Revenge

Enjoy! Continue reading

A Dance of Skin and Bone (ending)

Good morning Everyone!

Today we learn how the tale ends, the final piece of this strange pie. If you’ve got the time you can read the entire short story, which I’ve posted on my SHORT FICTION page along with many others, or you can click this link: A DANCE OF SKIN AND BONE. If you’ve been following along, by all means read on and enjoy. Continue reading