The Clock Builder, part 2

Hello, Everyone!

Let’s start this off with a bad joke.

What has two thumbs, hasn’t posted since February, and completely missed the 1 year anniversary of his blog way back in May?

This guy right here. Continue reading


The Clock Builder (part 1)

Good morning, Everyone! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday today.

Quick reminder about the Blog Hop post from last week. If you haven’t jumped over to check out Rati’s, Linda’s, and Jessica’s blogs yet, I say go for it! Click on their name and spread some views around. 🙂 Continue reading

“The Who, the Where, the Uh-Oh” Flash Challenge

Hello Everyone!

This week’s flash challenge from Chuck Wending is The Who, the When, the Uh-Oh. In his generosity he has given us 2000 words to play with instead of the normal 1000. The Random Number Gods granted me the following:

Who: A Dirty Cop

Where: A Far-Flung Space Station

The Uh-Oh: Left For Dead, Seeking Revenge

Enjoy! Continue reading

Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda…

Here I am at, Camp NaNoWriMo!  Don’t worry, I’m not about to break into song.  But I’m sure you’re all thinking it now- or perhaps my age is showing….

At any rate, it’s Day 3 of Camp and all but three of my Cabin Mates are hammering out the word counts.  I myself am up to 8,351 words so far.  Feels like a good start.  It also gives me some wiggle room Continue reading

Flash Fiction Challenge, June 7

What a fun Flash Fiction Challenge we have today! Thanks to Chuck Wendig at TerribleMinds we have ABC meets XYZ. The Challenge is to get two random Movies/Books and do a “pitch” mash-up. I got Planet of the Apes and Reservoir Dogs.

This means that the 1000 word story I wrote would be pitched as: “It’s like Planet of the Apes meets Reservoir Dogs, but without the apes.”

So hopefully that’s what you’ll think after reading the piece. As much as I wanted to call the story Reservoir Apes I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, hehe. It is not, I repeat, NOT fanfiction. Instead I went with And Sometimes Beginning, which ended up at 1067 words. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by! Continue reading

FEED, Part Two

And now the hopefully anticipated ending to the short story Feed. As warned, it gets a bit on the gruesome side in this part. Quite graphic actually. Also, a reminder that the full story is available on my Short Fiction page which can be found with the link in this post or by using the tab at the top of this page.

Enjoy! Please feel free to let me know what you thought about this story. Good or bad your comments are welcome- and honesty is the best policy. Thanks for stopping by! Continue reading

FEED, Part One

Welcome to another Tuesday. This week I’m being self-serving once again! I have for your enjoyment (I hope) a new short story written by me. Another venture into the realm of sci-fi, one of my favorite places to exist. I have to warn you, it’s going to get a bit graphic in the second half of the story. Also, due to length I’m cutting this one in half again. The first part is posted for you below and the second half will be posted on Thursday.

Along with the second part on Thursday I will be posting the entire story on my Short Fiction page. Just use the tab at the top of this page or the link contained in this post to get there. The Short Fiction page holds all original short stories written by me. Sometimes my mind finds itself in strange places, so why not write about it? Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think for better or worse- honesty is always the best policy. Thanks for stopping by. Continue reading