Change In The Wind Says I

Good morning, Everyone!

I’ve only got a short post for you today. I’m restructuring my blog schedule due to the nature of a few projects I’ve got going on. At this point, many of you know I’m closing in on the end of a draft for my next book The Hunting Sticks. I’m also getting ready to write a story for Arcane Synthesis, an anthology of short stories set in the Cosmothea Universe; which by the way has a fast closing window for its Kickstarter. Stop on by and check it out HERE. There are some amazing authors ready to tell their equally amazing tales! You can also check out QT GAMES for additional information.

So with the work I’ve got ahead of me (writing, editing, formatting) I’m going to be switching to a single post on Tuesdays. Although I’ll still be participating in the occasional flash fiction challenge on Fridays. Just know that I’ll be here every Tuesday with either a serialized short story or some random bit of trivia I’ve happened across.

I also have to apologize, I know a lot of you were expecting to see the next part of Ol’ Tom Cotton’s Boy today, but I promise you’ll see Barracuda Slim next Tuesday! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by folks, and have a great day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Change In The Wind Says I

  1. “Leverage says you, a change in the wind says I…” I know what you’re asking… What the hell am I supposed to read on Thursday mornings when I’m having my coffee now? Allow me to introduce you to a book called “Beggars in the Streets of Time”. Perhaps you have heard of it?

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