Find Something Wonderful

Good morning, Everyone!

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about inspiration. More-so, about people that inspire me, and with luck hopefully they inspire you too!

Here in this blogosphere (I’m pretty sure that’s what this community of writer’s is called) we all stumble upon great voices that stick with us and keep us coming back to read more of their words. It doesn’t matter if the voice is speaking fiction, fact, life experience, or poetry, if the voice catches you it becomes a life experience for you. And that makes it something important.

On that note, I’d like to steer you folks towards some of the voices that stick with me. Share some time, spread some love, and get to know these wonderful people. (For the record, there’s no particular order, I appreciate each one no matter where it is on the list below.)


Rethinking Life: Wonderfully charming artwork, beautiful pictures, and poetry that can be both sweet and sad.

B.G. Bowers: Beautiful poetry, fantastic fiction, and some truly great articles!

Color Me in Cyanide and Cherry: Inspiring poetry! She has some serious emotional range with her work, and there are really great spoken word audio tracks found here.

Wordifull: lovely words and great poetry.

Eclectic Stirling: There is so much random fun here. Life in all its splendor. (Hi Mom).

Sean Bidd: Poetry and prose and fun bits of thoughtfulness!

Rati Writes: Science, both in fiction and fact, as well as some awesome thrown in for good measure!

This list is by no means all of my favorites, just a few to get started. I’ll be starting a page dedicated to the folks that inspire me with their good vibes. AWESOME (you can click it here or use the tab on the menu bar above) is what I feel the page deserves to be called, because the folks you find there truly are.

I hope you find something wonderful in the above links today. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Find Something Wonderful

  1. I like the community of writer’s on the internet from what I’ve seen… How everyone supports each other and wants the other writer’s to do well. Very cool.

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