Blurred Reflections – Mirrored Heroes

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Sadly there was no photo credit with the picture. I would love to know who made it, it's brilliant.

Sadly there was no photo credit with the picture. I would love to know who made it, it’s brilliant.

Okay, so I found a meme on the Facebook that I shared with my Writing Group, and it got me thinking. We all write or read with a distinct line between our Protagonists and Antagonists; a separation in character that keeps us aware of who is who by their actions, words, thoughts, and motivations. Sure every Hero and Villain has their flaws, they need them; flaws give the characters depth and realism. But my thought is this: how far can we blur those lines as writers? How far can we push that envelope? Continue reading


The list: 100 Great Science Fiction Stories by Women

Found this bit of coolness! I’ve read close to half of the authors on this list. With some of them I read a different work by the author, and it was good stuff. I wish I had read more of them, but now I have a goal!

It Doesn't Have To Be Right...

Now let the arguing begin…

The list below contains 100 pieces of short fiction – short stories, novelettes and novellas – by women writers, published between 1927 and 2012. Each author appears only once. The stories are by no means the best by each writer. In most cases, I’m simply not familiar enough with an oeuvre to choose the best; in other cases, I’ve picked a story I’ve read and thought good, and yes, there are a few of my favourite stories in the list too. I’ve not read them all – some came from suggestions on Twitter or on an earlier post on this blog (many thanks to all who contributed), others I took from various award lists or Year’s Best TOCs. One or two fantasy stories might have sneaked through the net, because I couldn’t find copies to read and check. However, the list should all be science…

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