The Dreams We Make

Today I’d like to talk about dreams. Not the dreams we all have while we sleep, but the dreams we live for- the dreams we strive to see come true. Some dreams are pure fun, who wouldn’t want a swimming pool full of chocolate, right? But seriously, it takes hard work to make your dreams come true. Continue reading


The Drowners, Conclusion

Welcome back, Everyone!

We find ourselves on a Tuesday morning, and behold- we have the conclusion of The Drowners! I’d like to thank Everyone for joining me in yet another tale. If you’ve missed the first three parts of the story, worry not; as usual you can read the entire story on my Short Fiction page. Continue reading

Mythology Workshop #1

What do Gods & Goddesses from every mythology, the 21st Century, and individual random prompts have in common?
A great new writing challenge hosted by Oloriel at The 13th Floor Paradigm! Head on over for your very own, one-of-a-kind prompt! Open to poetry, short stories, whatever you wish to write. 🙂

The Drowners (part 3)

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope your week is going great so far! Today, on this fine Thursday, I have the next installment of The Drowners. I would love to tell you that this is the end of the story, but it is not. There will be one more part. If you’ve missed the first two pieces and want to catch up, you can read Part one Here, and Part Two Here. Continue reading

The Drowners (part 2)

Good Morning, Everyone!

Another fine Tuesday! I’m glad you could join me for the second part of The Drowners. Things are getting stranger for the inhabitants of the small mountain town. I hope to see you all through to the end of this dark tale.

If you missed the beginning of this story, feel free to check it out Here. Continue reading

The Drowners (part 1)

Good Morning!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Today it’s back to business as usual.  That’s right folks, it’s story time again.  We’re getting a little dark and mysterious with this one- okay a lot dark.  Just like with any short story, I’ve split the complete work into shorter parts for your ease of reading.  Once the last part of the story is posted, I will also post the complete story on my Short Fiction page (which is filling up with all manner of goodies for your reading pleasure). Continue reading

For the Thrill of It

This is a really great post about what sounds like a good read. If you’ve heard of Leopold and Loeb but aren’t sure what exactly happened, here’s a quick review and teaser about it.

Linda Williams Stirling

What would you be willing to do to get a thrill? Talk to the cute guy/girl standing in line at the coffee shop? Jump off the roof into a swimming pool? Strap on a harness and fly down a zip line? Scuba dive with sharks? Step out the door of an airplane with only some cloth and rope strapped to your back? How about killing someone. Would you be willing to kill someone simply for the thrill of it?  Not a bad someone. A nice young boy of 14, happy and innocent.

Cover of

Chicago, 1924, the age of jazz, flappers, prohibition, bootleg liquor and speakeasys, gangsters like Al Capone, and corrupt politicians. The year that Nathan Leopold, aged 19, and Richard Loeb, aged 18, murdered Richard’s 14 year old cousin, Bobby Franks. Why? That was always the big question. Why would two wealthy, educated, socially connected young men from two of…

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