The Naming Ritual

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On the nature of the title of a work, I am a glutton. I say glutton because I write by titles most of the time. With the exception of the weekly Flash Challenges. I keep a little note book with me at all times, scribbling titles in it throughout the day. I have literally hundreds of titles written down. I call myself a title-writer. To be completely honest, damn near everything I’ve ever written has been from whatever inspiration I glean from reading through that little book of titles. I’ll see one and- boom! Here comes a story.

I can say that this makes for a whole lot of writing. Some of the stories work and get sent out into the world, while others are junk. Junk that at least teaches me something for the next one. It’s the name, the title that works for me. I find it difficult to write something until I have named it, perhaps it’s some kind of curse, hehe. But I personally feel that a good name for a work of fiction leads to a good story. May not be the case for everyone.

That’s not to say that the entire inspiration for a story or novel comes purely from the title that tickles my brain juice. Every other small thing that happens throughout each and every day pulls into the work to form the whole. The people I meet may have some interesting quirk or way of talking. A car ripping down the California freeway may share some of it’s urgency with my imagination. Literally everything draws together as if the title were a great whirlpool, pulling it all into that place in my mind that finds a story.

I’m quite certain this is all because of that part of mind I call the One-Foot Wall. That place of places where I probably shouldn’t spend so much time. A little crazy makes a good imaginative story- a lot of crazy brings forth things like Beggars in the Streets of Time, an illustrated novella I wrote that will be published this summer. It will first be available as an e-book and will later be followed up with a printed copy. Now, this work came about from a poem I wrote by the same name, a friend of mine said “Hey! That would make a great book!” Eight days later the first draft was done. It’s had some time to get a proper edit, I want to put out the best work that I can. And I have some great illustrations in the works to accompany the novella. All-said-and-done it is a wild ride through the genres of horror and fable.

So, what inspires you? What things do you find in life or in other works that tickles your fancy? Is there some particular way that you find yourself creating or discovering the world of a story? I’m interested to hear from you. Please feel free to share your thoughts below!

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “The Naming Ritual

    • I have a love/hate relationship with the first line. I usually end up writing and re-writing the first line several times before I feel like I’ve got it.

  1. I tend to do the same thing with the titles, but that only takes about 20% of my process. What I do and how I write is in the ending. Everything with me starts from the ending and everything I write sprouts from its end.

    • After I’ve got my title I usually get some vague notion of what the ending will be. Sometimes it’s quite solid. As for getting there I’m totally “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” style of writing. I just keep going and enjoy the ride!

  2. I wish I had your gift! I can never come up with good titles. I’m a people person, so it’s always a character that grabs me and then their story just unfolds as we get to know each other.

      • Well…I meant getting to know the characters, which is a lot like getting to know your own head! Although I am fairly social. I like the idea of carrying around a book to jot titles in, though. You never know when a title will be the perfect fit, I suppose!

  3. I guess I’m kind of a combo writer. Something I see, or read, or hear sparks the story idea. Next, I have to figure out, as a rough idea, how the story starts and ends. Then, I need the title. It seems like it’s my GO button. I can’t actually start writing the story until I have that title. It pulls it all together for me and gives me a forward boost. The right title makes all the difference for me as a writer, and probably also for drawing in the reader.

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