A Little On JDSFiction

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! I’d just like to again give a run-through slash reminder about the blog today. JDSFiction is mainly about writing, a few tips and bits that work for me. A little bit about the act of writing which I mostly regurgitate from more reputable sources, though I do give the credit where it’s due. And lastly (apart from the occasional randomness that hasn’t appeared yet), it’s a showcase for some of my own work.

And speaking of my own work… Yes I’m being a touch selfish today even though I just selfishly posted a new short story last week. I would like to point out to everyone the nifty menu bar above the post column here. You can see that starting from the left we’ve got the HOME tab, which is just as it sounds (no explanation needed). To the right of that we’ve got the ABOUT ME: you can probably guess that one too- hehe. To the right of that is my SHORT FICTION page. This is where I post the complete story for all of the shorts I’ll be sharing as posts. Now I break the shorts into two posts purely due to length, I don’t want to bog anyone down with a five-thousand plus word post.

The Short Fiction page also has a slow building collection of short stories I’ve written before the blog. Kind of like direct to DVD movies, though I hope you find them of better quality. The older short stories will not be introduced with their own posts, I feel the new ones are better for that. No real reason why. Also, I have no schedule for dropping old short stories on that page, they’ll just kind of show up whenever. Feel free to peruse and comment, good or bad I’d like to hear your thoughts on them.

Lastly, the above menu bar has the Flash Fiction tab. This is the collected works from each of the flash fiction pieces I’ve done. I’m a fan of the author Chuck Wendig, and you can check him out by clicking on his name. Every week he hosts a flash challenge that is just loads of fun. He gives a random topic, sentence, character, or whatever- usually determined by a randomly generated number. You then get 1000 words to play with. It’s that easy! Follow his blog for all the good times to be had, plus he writes some awesome posts aside from the challenge! Great fun.

So, to recap in my selfish glory: the Short Fiction and Flash Fiction pages have an ever growing list of stories for your enjoyment. Every one is written by myself (Joseph D. Stirling) though I have an awesome team of editors (who are really just friends and family) that help me out with the clean-up. Remember to check the drop menu periodically, you never know what strange new, or old, tale may be found there.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday for the next bit! Have a great Tuesday folks, and thanks for stopping by!


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