Flash Fiction, June 28

Flash Fiction time!  I’m a little slow out of the gate this week, so bear with me.  This week our challenge was Down The TV Tropes Rabbit Hole.  We got a random TV Trope as our topic for the 1000 word challenge.  I got “We Can Rebuild Him” for my trope.  Think Six Million Dollar Man or RoboCop.  That was the inspiration at any rate…

I came in at 857 words.  Please feel free to comment on this little experiment and I hope you enjoy the read.  Rated P for potty mouth.  Thanks for stopping by!

(A Trope is a common or overused theme or device- like a cliche.  So says Websters) Continue reading


Double Croste, part two

Welcome back everyone! Today we get to find out what exactly is going on with everyone’s favorite Dual-Personality Occult Detectives. The second half has all the answers to the mystery you’ve been waiting for. As always, now that the end is posted I will also post the complete short story on the Short Fiction page for those who have the want or time to read Double Croste uninterrupted.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have. Please feel free to comment, I’m interested to hear what you think about my attempt at Detective Fiction. All comments are welcome. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

And now for the exciting conclusion of Double Croste. Continue reading

Double Croste, part one

Welcome to another short story week! As many of you may have seen, there was a Flash Fiction Challenge this past Friday (as there is on every Friday). This challenge was a fun one to do for sure, and I received quite a few comments saying that people would like to see more of the story. So I wrote more! This weeks short story is an extended and re-imagined version of the Flash Fiction piece I did titled: Double Croste.  There are some similarities with the Flash Fiction, but different events and a different ending.

Funny enough it has spawned a second short story with the same Detective in another mystery called Croste Your Heart. I do have to warn you, I am completely new to the mystery/ detective genre. I actually looked up Rules for writing Detective Fiction and found: “20 Rules for Writing Detective Fiction,” written by S. S. Van Dine (pseud. for Willard Huntington Wright) and published in 1928. I ran with those rules specifically as I imagine my Detective to be living in the late 1930‘s, albeit an alternate 1930‘s so I could play with a few things.

As usual for a short story week, I have broken the story into two parts due to the length of the short. Today I give you the first half to enjoy and on Thursday I’ll give you folks the second half. Also as usual, on Thursday when the second half posts I will load the full length short story onto the Short Fiction page here on my blog. Feel free to take a read through the other short stories collected there as well.

As always, both good and bad comments are welcome. I enjoy the praise (as any writer does) as well as the criticism (which will lead to me quietly swearing and throwing a temper tantrum), I think both help to produce better work. Well, I hope you enjoy todays jaunt into the life of an Occult Detective with a Dual Personality. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Flash Fiction, June 21

It’s Friday, and that mean it’s time for another Flash Fiction Challenge courtesy of Chuck Wending.  This week’s challenge is Another Roll of the Dice.  We had three columns to find our random topics.  The first was twenty different sub-genres of which we got two.  The other two were Must Have and Must Also Have, we got one of each.  As usual, we got 1000 words to play with.

I found myself with Comedy and Occult Detective.  Must have: An ancient book.  Must also have: Dual personality.  Now this was either a tasty snack or a recipe for disaster.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Enjoy and please feel free to comment- good or bad.  I like to hear what doesn’t work as much as I like to hear what works.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’d like to talk about heroes. Well specifically my hero, Ray Bradbury.

Good ol’ Ray was born back in 1920 on the 22nd of August. He was named Ray Douglas Bradbury, the middle name Douglas was for screen actor of the time Douglas Fairbanks. Ray was a master story-teller and wrote Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery. Not only is he my greatest hero, he was and still is one of the 20th Century’s most celebrated authors and his work has been spread across Fiction Magazines, Novels, Television, Movies, Stage Plays, even Comic Books. Truly amazing! Continue reading

The Narrator Is Lying To You!

Hello everyone! You may have guessed by the title, we’re talking about some fun and interesting plot devices today. Well perhaps it’s just a single plot device, but it’s a BIG one. That’s right- we are getting into the Unreliable Narrator!

Since the beginning of the art of storytelling, you have always been able to trust the word of the narrator. This is the role in a story that fills you in, lets you know what’s going on. Your narrator is the voice that gives you everything you need to know in the story you’re enjoying. But what happens when that narrator can’t be trusted? Continue reading


Just read.

Read everything you can.

Branch out. If you love Sci-Fi, pick up a True Crime or a Thriller. Get yourself a Fact Fiction, delve into a Fantasy. Hell, read the Newspaper! I think that if you’re a writer (or someone who wants to write) reading is like researching, it’s like studying. You can learn a lot from reading other works. You start to recognize timing and different ways to activate a plot device. It gives you more tools for the toolbox. Continue reading