You’ve got a friend in fiction…


My name is Joseph D. Stirling and I’m a fiction addict.  In this blog I’d like to talk about just that, fiction in all it’s many forms.  Everything from fact-based fiction to the completely-outlandish-oh-my-god-it’s-coming-towards-us variety.  I’d like to say that we’ll easily be able to stay on topic, but I seriously doubt it.  There will be much in the way of random thoughts and other strange subjects from over the one-foot-wall (I’ll explain that later).  Of course I will occasionally be tooting my own horn with a bit of publicity for my own writing projects- novels, short stories, and the like.

I’d also love to talk about books.  From time to time we’ll talk about books I’m reading or would like to read as well as any suggestions from you kind folks out there.  I realize the site GoodReads is already built to do just that and I’d love to see you there: Joseph D. Stirling.  Look me up.

For now let us just start with the basics.  Hello, my name is Joe and contrary to popular belief I do not work in a button factory…


3 thoughts on “You’ve got a friend in fiction…

  1. First!

    Also – you can add the Goodreads app to your blog so people can see what you have been reading lately (look at the right side of my blog to see what I am talking about.)

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